Since 2017, Schuyler has fought in the House to increase access to affordable healthcare, lower prescription drug costs, invest in our public education system and pass common-sense gun safety legislation.
Now, he’s ready to bring those priorities to the State Senate.

Increasing and improving access to high-quality, affordable healthcare is a top priority for Schuyler. In 2018, Schuyler voted to expand Medicaid — which gave healthcare access to more than 500,000 Virginians. He will continue to fight to lower prescription drug costs and improve our healthcare system so that it works better for working families.

Every woman should be allowed to consult with her doctor and make her own reproductive healthcare decisions. Whether she says “no” to an unwanted pregnancy or “yes” to becoming a parent, her choices should be free of punishment, judgement, or political interference like Virginia’s Targeted Restrictions on Abortion Providers (or TRAP regulations). Schuyler is prepared to fight back against any threats to reproductive healthcare — including dangerous abortion bans — and will defend and protect access to safe, legal abortions in Virginia.

Schuyler continues to teach in Virginia’s public school system even while serving the people of the 72nd district. Every day he sees firsthand that his community values a strong public education system. As delegate, he sat on the commission for school safety in 2018, helped raise teacher pay by 5% in 2017, and increased access to school counselors in 2019. However, we still need to make historic investments in our schools and make the system more equitable. This includes hiring support staff, reducing the cost of higher education, and making sustained investments to ensure every child has access to a world-class education in the Commonwealth.

In 2021, Schuyler played a key role in passing the Virginia Voting Rights Act. This legislation increased access to the ballot box for all Virginians — expanding early voting and voting-by-mail infrastructure. Schuyler is proud of the work he has done to make Virginia a national leader in voting. He believes we also must provide civics education and paths to participation because when more people vote and are engaged in the democratic process, our democracy is better.

Virginia can and must be a more equitable place to live for all families and all people, including people of color and LGBTQ+ individuals. Schuyler is ready to defend equal rights and fight for fair opportunities. He has and will continue to advocate for anti-discrimination legislation and fair housing laws, making sure that it is no longer legal in Virginia to fire a person from a job, deny them a loan, or refuse them service based on their sexuality or gender identity. He will also ensure that we contend with our long and ugly history of racial oppression, discrimination, and disenfranchisement in order to build a better future for all.

Virginia was recently named the best state for business for the second year in a row by CNBC. The Commonwealth is capable of building an economic environment that provides equal opportunity for all. Schuyler has sponsored and worked on legislation to promote apprenticeship and job training programs, eliminate restrictive non-compete clauses for low-wage workers, and raise the minimum wage. He is passionate about building an economy that works for all Virginians and bringing more good-paying jobs to Henrico. 

There is no disputing the fact that climate change is happening. We are measuring the hottest months on record, and experiencing erratic, dangerous weather across the globe. But while protecting our planet is a necessity, Schuyler believes that we don’t have to sacrifice our economy in order to take urgent action. We can work toward a clean energy future by investing in green energy innovations that will do three key things at once: protect our planet, reduce Virginians’ energy bills, and build new modern jobs.

In partnership with End Citizens United/Let America Vote, Delegate VanValkenburg is proud to support an anti-corruption and ethics reform agenda that focuses on banning the personal use of campaign funds, setting contribution limits for individuals and corporations, and requiring donor and spending disclosure from corporations, ‘dark money’ groups, non-profits, and other entities who spend money to influence our elections.